Battery Isolator Radlock
  • Battery Isolator Radlock

Battery Isolator Radlock

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  • Weight: 83g
  • Dimensions: 50mm x 100mm x 38.5mm
  • Voltage range: 6V ? 19V, 28V transient
  •             (12V automotive installations only)
  • Operating temperature range: -40C + 125C
  • Current capability: 300A continuous, peak up to 1000A
  • Current measurement resolution 4A
  • Current measurement range: -1000A to 1000A
  • Current measurement accuracy: ?10%
  • Inductive load switching capability: 600mJ
  • Enclosure: Anodized aluminium, IP67 rated
  •  High current terminals: M8 nickel plated terminals
  •              or Radlok connectors
  • Signal connector: Deutsch ASX202-06PN
  •             (mating plug ASX602-06SN included)
  • Power save state current consumption: <1mA
  • ON state current consumption: ~20mA
  • Engine kill output: 3A, High (VBat), Low (GND) or Hi-Z
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