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Ecumaster PMU DL

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Decades ago, the critical electronic components in a race car were the ignition coil and points. Race cars now feature advanced engine management systems, antilock brake systems, paddle shifters, dataloggers, radios, electric pumps, fans, and lights. All components need to be controlled at the correct moment, and all components require circuit protection to prevent damage or fire.

Traditionally, fuses and relays served all of those purposes, but they have many disadvantages like complicated wiring looms, sensitivity to vibration/temperature, and difficult diagnostics.

All of these problems can be solved by using intelligent power management units (PMUs). Our newly developed PMU unit is at the forefront of technology. It provides 16 high current outputs (and use of multiple units if more outputs are required).

~~32bit automotive grade MCU (90 MIPS)

150AMPs total current continous

10 channels 25Amps / 45Amps inrush

6 channels 15Amps / 35Amps inrush

Up to 3 output channels could be linked to increase the current output.

Wiper dedicated output with addtional low side switch to brake the motor

125C maximum operating temperature

All output channels are protected for over current and over temeprature.

Current control resolution 100mA

Inernal temperature measurement

2 x CAN 2.0B

+5V output for sensor powering

16 two color (red / green) LEDS for output channel state indication

16 analog inputs 0-5V (10bits) with software configurable pullups/pulldown (4K7)

Calibration for sensors so the values like temperature or pressure could be directly used in function (eg. the coolant fan could be directly controld by PMU without any intervention of main ECU)

256MB internal flash memory for datalogging (only DL version)

Up to 500Hz channels logging capability

All analog channels could be sent to ECU via CAN

Support for 4,8,12 keys ECUMASTER keypads

Current and voltage measure for each output

Built in gyroscope and accelerometer for datalogging purpose and car crash detection

Bespoke CNC machined aluminium enclosre


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